Our Team

Our Team

LEAP Academy Trust

  • Mr W Barsby

    Mr W Barsby

    Chief Executive

Senior Leadership Team

  • Ms Tammy N

    Ms Tammy N

    Trust Assistant Principal

  • Mr P Bradbury

    Mr P Bradbury

    Assistant Principal

  • Ms R Staples

    Ms R Staples


  • Mrs R Parks

    Mrs R Parks

    Vice Principal

Extended Leadership Team

  • Mrs L Booker Parkinson

    Mrs L Booker Parkinson

    Vocational & Exams

  • Mrs D Burley

    Mrs D Burley

    Head of Operations

  • Mrs D Davis-Leigh

    Mrs D Davis-Leigh

    English, Media & Literacy

  • Dr J Graves

    Dr J Graves

    Quality of Education

  • Mr C Rooney

    Mr C Rooney

    Science & Pupil Premium

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Achieving Excellence is the overriding ambition of the LEAP Multi Academy Trust. We place students at the centre of everything we do, creating a culture of success and a love of learning which enhances students’ achievement and their personal, social and emotional development.

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