Wellbeing Advice for Students

Wellbeing Advice for Students

Student Wellbeing

There are many places that you can get support in school if you are worried about something and don’t feel that you can cope with it or need some advice on how to approach things.

Form Tutor and your Year Leaders are available to discuss any issues. Many things can cause a change in mental health including traumatic events (e.g. loss or separation, life changes, abuse, domestic violence or bullying).

Regular Assemblies and Morning Guidance activities which cover aspects of mental health and wellbeing and support building resilience.

Student Wellbeing

Learning for Life staff will cover mental health and wellbeing in your lessons

 Miss Boocock and Mrs Wilson-Taylor, ELSA Practitioners offer support to students on wellbeing on a 1:1 or small group basis. Your Head of year can refer you.

 Our School Nurse is in school on a regular basis to offer students support on wellbeing and mental health.  Your HOY Team can refer you.

 Wellbeing Surveys to ask you for your thoughts and ideas regarding wellbeing.

Wellbeing Advice for Students

Student Leaders and #SafeToBeMe Leaders can also help you to get support from staff in school.

 Any member of staff you feel comfortable talking to, will help you or you can contact Mr Williams

If you would prefer to seek support out of school, please look in the Useful Links and Websites section for lots of links to support. You could also try some of the apps available to support wellbeing that can be found in Recommended Apps.

School Mental Health Contacts

Mrs R Parks – Vice Principal and DSL



Mr R Williams – Senior Mental Health Lead



Miss S Daley – Head of Inclusion & Welfare



Miss S Humphries – SENCO & Head of Engage



Miss J Perkins – Head of Achieve



Year 7 Leaders – Mrs J Smith & Mr R Gardner



Year 8 Leaders – Miss S McMillan & Mr S Hunter



Year 9 Leaders – Mr S Rhodes & Mrs E Mennell



Year 10 Leaders – Mrs K Shay & Mr R Williams



Year 11 Leaders – Mrs C Paling & Mr S Ebbs



Sixth Form Leaders – Mrs J Fisher & Mrs H Rhodes



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