A light breakfast is available from 8am in Hatfield House base only. We ask that food purchased in the house bases is consumed there to ensure the school remains free from litter.


A wide range of snacks are served during break time and an excellent variety of meals are served in the dining rooms at lunchtime. Food is served in the three dining rooms and students are able to purchase food from anyone. For Health and Safety reasons, students are not allowed to bring hot food into school which has not been cooked in the school’s kitchen.

We are increasingly introducing healthy options to the choices of food on offer. (Details are available on request). The school’s policy is that all Year 7 to 11 students remain on site at lunchtimes. Only in exceptional circumstances will a lunchtime pass be authorised by the Principal.

The school operates a cashless biometric catering system. Students access their catering account using their thumb or finger. The system does not keep images of finger prints and uses strong industry leading encryption techniques for added security. Students are able to bring packed lunches from home and can eat these alongside their friends who may have purchased food from the cafeterias.

Who is eligible for Free School Meal Allowance?

Students who have been granted Free School Meals will be entitled to reductions on the price of some of extra – curricular trips the school organises and will also be eligible to take part in the Go 4 It Scheme which funds out of school activities.

As well as helping families on lower incomes, applying for Free School Meals may also assist the school. There are various central and local government grants made to schools which are based upon the number of students attending the school who are eligible for Free School Meals. The way that this works is that the more students who are eligible for Free School Meals attending the school the greater the amount of grant the school receives. This is how the new pupil premium will be distributed to schools. All grants received are spent on staffing and resources to support the learning of our students.

So, by applying for Free School Meals you may also be assisting the school in developing its resources. For further information on eligibility and to apply see here or call Tel 01709 336006.

Information about Aspens, who provide our catering can be found here

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