Performance Data – August 2022

Headline Figures at Key Stage 4

The government asks everyone to note: “Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.”


Main School Results


All students*

(including Falcon SEMH Resource Base)


All students


Progress 8 All

Progress 8 SEND (E&K)







Attainment 8 46.45 44.97 40.41
9-7 (En & Ma)

9-5 (En & Ma)

9-4 (En & Ma)










2 x 9-7 Sc

2 x 9-5 Sc

2x 9-4 Sc










Students entered for full EBacc 19% 18% 18%


* A small number of students are in or linked to our Trust-funded Falcon SEMH Resource Base. The curriculum diet, and thus the qualifications these students study, is very particular to them as individuals and is not driven by National league tables. The effect of this, is that is skews our nationally reportable results downwards. Thus, our mainstream data is a more accurate representation of the school’s work compared to students in other schools.

We pride ourselves on not giving up on children; we do not off-roll them, we do not persuade parents to home educate. We try very hard to avoid permanent exclusions. As part of this commitment to inclusion, our Trust has funded the Resource Base for students with significant SEMH needs (as well as other learning needs). In many schools, these students would have been permanently excluded for the behaviours they exhibit. However, we believe these students have such significant underlying issues that we have either successfully gained EHCPs for them or they are on the SEND register at K while we apply for EHCPs. Our LA supports our work in this area. Thus, this provision is very much about meeting individual students’ needs to keep them in school, ensuring they progress post-16, and ensuring they do not become lost in education. For many of them, a traditional route full of exams will not meet their needs. They have bespoke timetables. An important focus for these students is ensuring they are not NEETs at the end of Y11. We have a very high success rate with this.

These students still count in our school data as the Resource Base is currently funded by our Trust and the students are still on our roll so our national data unfairly represents the work done in our main school, and similarly downgrades the other successes in our Resource Base, which will never show up in a league table.


Headline figures at Key Stage 5

59 students were in Year 13 in the school year 21-22.

L3 average points score 32.86
A*-A or equivalent 37%
A*-B or equivalent 51%
A*-C or equivalent 78%
A*-E or equivalent 99%
A Level average points per entry 31.74
Applied General average points per entry 36.56


The vast majority of students who wanted to go to University went to their first choice. However, any others who wanted to go this year found a suitable place in clearing. A number of students went on to higher level apprenticeships and employment.


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