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Students experience magical world of imagination

Year 7 students at Dinnington High School visited Grimm & Co for a day long workshop. Grimm & Co is a magical apothecary creative workshop in Rotherham that introduces young people to discover their imagination through a series of activities and one-to-one mentoring. Grimm & Co is run by a group of volunteers whose primary objective is to help encourage children in the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas to develop a love of reading and learning and encourage creativity and confidence.

Teachers from the English department organised and raised funds to take the Year 7s on the trip with the aim of helping to encourage creativity, imagination and confidence in a collaborative and supportive atmosphere. English department leader at Dinnington High School said, “I visited Grimm & Co with my family and it was a really great day. I spoke to my colleague and we really wanted to give our students the opportunity to visit. I find that when students move from primary to secondary school it is a big leap for them and the work can seem a lot more serious and we thought the day at Grimm & Co would help to introduce fun back into learning.”

On arrival to Grimm & Co students were welcomed and immersed in the magical apothecary world. The students are told the story of the founder, Graham Grimm, and his sister Grizelda. They are then led through a magical door to the imagination gym and the writer’s pad. The students then are encouraged to work with the writer’s pad team of volunteers to create a story and characters. The students are provided with projects and ‘building blocks’ that they work together to use to build their creation with the help of their mentor.

Working together the student’s characters are brought to life by the in-house illustrators. At the end of the sessions the students are able to take the illustrations of their characters and a copy of their story home with them.

Student Leno said, “the experience was great. It really encouraged my imagination. We got to design characters in groups and saw the characters being designed while we were there and saw the story come to life. I loved visiting Grimm & Co, there was so many exciting things to see like potions, quills and bookcases full of great books.”

Year 7 student, Ella commented, “The day was really fun. I really enjoyed spending the day there and the team that worked there really helped me to encourage me to be imaginative. It’s made me more confident in my English lessons at school and I am planning to go back with my family.”

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