Geography at Dinnington High School is a subject which allows our students to make links between the human and natural world. Geography is where our students get to be part of a subject which takes them across the world, encourages them to travel through time and distances to imagine a world beyond their own.

This learning helps curb the effects of human pollution or study the patterns of this planet we call home. Our staff bring Geography to life by teaching about the patterns of our planet, encouraging students to be able to predict potential hazards in the future and therefore inspire them to think about precautions to avoid such results, such as global warming. Geography involves experience-based learning; this means students do practical work on a regular basis, where they will have opportunities to analyse data and make predictions.

Inevitably, anything concerning Geography will involve human behaviour, and the extent to which this behaviour differs in regards to the environment. By studying the geography of a country, you can start to understand why some cultures farm certain crops, or why some people design their houses in a particular way. By being exposed to a world of drastically different people, a budding Geographer or Environmental Scientist experiences the rich tapestry of human life.


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