In September 2021 the school will have 210 places for our new intake of Y7 students. Dinnington High School observes the Local Authory (L.A.) scheme of Admissions. Outlined below is a summary of the Local Authority policy on admissions.

A complete version of the policy can be obtained from the Education Department in Rotherham (tel: 01709 382121). Parents have the right under law to express a preference for a particular secondary school for their child. Information about each school is available in each school’s prospectus which is published annually.

You will receive a booklet from the L.A. about transfer to secondary education. It is vital that you use the form in that document to indicate your preferred secondary school. This applies equally for your catchment area school or some other secondary school. Ensure your choice is sent back to the L.A. by the date indicated on the document.

Admission forms can be obtained from the Education Office, Riverside House (Tel: 01709 382121).

An online application is available from the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) website as well as downloadable supporting documents.

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LEAP Admissions Policy

LEAP Admissions Policy

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