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    Who's Who

    Dinnington High School Senior Leadership Team


    Rebecca Staples

    Associate Principal Designate

    Greg Raynor

    Assistant Principals

    Mark Cooper and Jo Phillips

    LEAP Multi-Academy Trust Team

    Executive Principals

    Wayne Barsby & Andy Riches

    Associate Principal

    Debbie McShane

    Assistant Principal Post-16

    Helen Hardisty

    Director of Business

    Richard Wheatcroft

    Head of HR & Marketing

    Carol Brickley

    Middle Leaders team

    Head of Applied Learning Faculty designate

    Louise Booker-Parkinson

    Head of Creative Faculty Designate

    To be appointed

    Head of Ebacc Faculty designate

    Caroline Bradshaw

    Head of English

    Carol Kirk

    Head of Ethics and Life designate

    Dana Adbulkarim

    Head of Maths

    Angus Garland

    Head of PE

    Katy Rogers

    Head of Raising Achievement Faculty

    June Bacon (SENDCo)

    Heads of Science

    Martin Keens & Colin Rooney

    Head of Sixth Form Designate

    Alison Moody

    Head of Teacher Development

    Alison Grasmeder

    Subject Leaders

    Second in Creative

    Sarah Bingham

    Head of French

    Emily Greenwood-Quy

    Head of Geography

    Hannah Dobson

    Head of ICT & Business

    Tom Reilly & James Jaffries

    Head of Spanish

    Jacqui Oliver

    Head of Technology designate

    Andrew Wardle

    Multi Academy Trust - Board of Trustees - This is a board that is put in place to oversee all aspects of the academy.

    Chair of Board of Trustees

    Mr B. Rossiter


    Mr M. Slocombe


    Mr G. Burke


    Mr M. Garrison


    Ms K. Bottomley

    Dinnington High School - Governing Body – The local governing body ensures that the Multi Academy Trust direction and objectives are being delivered within the school and the governors also provide support, challenge and act as a champion for students.

    Dinnington High School Governing Body

    Chair of Governors

    Mrs M. Carroll

    Vice Chair of Governors

    Mrs C. Morton


    Mr M. Bradshaw


    Mrs S. Brooks


    Mr A Cockayne


    Ms R. Staples


    Mr D. Farrah


    Mr M O’Donovan


    Mr R Savory


    Mrs S. Wingfield


    Mr I. St.John

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    Dinnington High School
    Doe Quarry Ln, Dinnington, Sheffield S25 2NZ

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    Reception - 01909 550066

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