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    Welcome from the Principal

    We aim to inspire all our students at Dinnington High School: to grow their confidence, their love of learning, and to help them achieve excellence.

    Dinnington High School is a popular academy serving the town of Dinnington and many local villages. Student also cross the border from North Nottinghamshire to join us.

    We pride ourselves on the pastoral care of our students and do everything we can to support their development into fine young men and women who will go on to make great contributions to society and to the communities in which they live. This is embodied in our school vision of Achieving Excellence.

    In everything we do, we try to be our best. For some this is a strong academic pathway to good universities, for others a vocational or applied route to take them into great professions. Our PE and arts faculties play crucial roles developing the gifts and talents of students as well as offering enjoyment, creativity, and other pathways into employment.

    Wrapped around the subjects and lessons, are a variety of other experiences and opportunities for our students from being part of House or School Council to participating in school productions and recitals, or gym & dance to football, karate and rugby, or trips to the Bay of Naples, France or Spain through to the biennial ski trip or sports tour: Canada & Seattle in 2018.

    Our pastoral care for our students is wrapped in two interweaving strands: we have three houses reflecting the history of our school: Hatfield, Osborne and Segrave. Each student in years 7-11 is in a vertical form group, supported by a form tutor and linked to a House. In sixth form, students retain their house identity to support younger students but continue into separate Y12 and Y13 forms that can meet their very specific needs. Each year group also has a year leader who an important point of contact.

    By the end of their time as Dinnington High School students, every child has had opportunities to gather many happy memories, to have challenged themselves to be the best they can be, and to have achieved excellence in whatever they want to strive for.

    It is a pleasure to welcome you to our new website and to give you a virtual glimpse into our school. Content is still being added so do bear with us if you cannot yet find everything you want. You are always welcome to visit, contact us directly if you want to arrange a visit.

    Yours sincerely

    Rebecca Staples



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