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Uniform Expectations

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you for your huge support making sure students meet our uniform expectations. We have had lots of compliments through the year about how smart they look and students can rightly be very proud of themselves. There have been a few misguided rumours around about uniform; this email should help you. We have not changed the rules and we will be expecting the rules to be fully followed from September.

Uniform Fashion Shows
There is still some confusion about trousers and skirts for girls in particular. Our new Vice Principal, Ms Elsdon, has put on fashion shows with the students this week in assemblies. These have made expectations clear for students. Please see the attached Uniform Guide to confirm expectations for September. Links to examples of acceptable girls trousers and skirts are at the bottom.

Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th July – uniform sales will be taking place from 2.40 – 6 pm in the Main Hall.
This is the most reliable way of getting the right trousers and skirts, as well as an opportunity to get new blazers or ties. All students MUST have a tie for September – these can be purchased from reception this term for £4.50. Y7s get theirs on the first day. A group of Y10 girls have selected the Trutex trousers and skirts for our recommended items. Purchasing these will be the best way of getting definitely correct uniform items and they are very hard wearing. We have NOT moved to logoed skirts and trousers as that would make them more expensive. See Facebook/Twitter for preferred times for year groups.

Inappropriate skirts & leggings etc
We have not changed our expectations but this term there has been slippage particularly in girls’ uniform. Some girls are wearing leggings/tight clingy trousers/pull-on short stretchy jersey skirts. All uniform MUST be correct for September.

PE Uniform – please see the uniform guide
From September, students cannot wear the old school polo shirt with the old logo; this was allowed for one year to get the wear out of them.
Boys: No changes; instead of the old polo shirt, they should return to the plain white T-shirt
Girls: Y7 girls should purchase the pale blue/navy polo shirt from Trutex. As older girls need a replacement top, they should also buy this polo shirt from Trutex. If they still have a plain white polo shirt that fits, they can wear this for another year.

Trainers/pumps are STILL NOT allowed. Shoes/boots should be formal plain black in leather/leatherette or suede/suedette. Boots must be worn under trousers.

Make sure you are making the right choice for girls’ skirts/trousers:

Trutex – recommended choices for girls
Preferred skirt chosen by students:
Alternative skirt:
Preferred trousers chosen by students:

Other examples of acceptable trousers for girls
(Note: these are fastened with zips or buttons. They are not too tight over the lower leg, a pair of boots could be worn under them. They are not leggings/jeggings/jeans style/stretchy jersey fabric),default,pd.html#choice:size

Skirts – skirts should have zip fastenings and sit comfortably half way down the thigh or lower. They can be pencil skirts or pleated. If they can be pulled on, they are not uniform. They should not be jersey/stretchy/ribbed and must not be ‘tube’ skirts,default,pd.html,default,pd.html?dual=0&placement_id=GRGTOP&config_id=GRGTOP&strategy=PWBAB&product_id=GEM561313&parent_item_id=GEM561308

Hoodies must not be worn in school either under or over blazers.

Who stole the ties? – Please return
In September, we bought 300 ties in plain green, blue and red for students to borrow if they forgot theirs. These have nearly all gone – not having been returned, costing us over £1000. Please can you check in drawers, wardrobes, under beds…anywhere else you can think of, and get them returned to school. They can be handed to form tutors or reception.

Thank you as ever
Yours sincerely

Ms R Staples

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